The professors at the Department of Musicology regularly supervise doctoral dissertations in the subject area of Musicology and other subjects they represent with the aim of obtaining a Dr. phil. from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. In regular musicological research colloquia, doctoral candidates can discuss their work in depth and reflect on it in dialogue with lecturers and students. Alongside the work on the doctoral dissertation, formal enrolment in the doctoral programme is possible upon application.

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On the pages of our Graduate Centre you will find information on all topics related to a doctorate, from the admission requirements, the doctoral regulations and the doctoral procedure to contact points and advisory services.

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The doctoral requirements are set out in the doctoral degree regulations:

(1) Without prejudice to the other requirements of these regulations, admission to the doctoral programme is granted to
1. a degree from a relevant higher education institution with a general standard period of study of at least eight semesters, for which a degree other than "Bachelor" is awarded,
2. a degree from a relevant university degree programme with a general standard period of study of at least six semesters and subsequent appropriate studies in the doctoral subject in preparation for the doctorate or
3. proof of completion of a relevant Master's degree programme within the meaning of Section 61 (2) sentence 2 HG.

(2) In the event that a relevant degree according to paragraph 1 no. 1 or 3 does not contain the contents of the doctoral subject to a sufficient extent, or a degree is not relevant but contains essential contents of the doctoral subject, the applicant must provide evidence of further study achievements that guarantee suitability for the doctorate. The scope and content of the additional coursework will be determined by the doctoral committee in consultation with the supervisor. They comprise studies in the doctoral subject, which generally correspond to a workload of up to 60 ECTS credits, and should demonstrate readiness for doctoral studies. Successful completion is certified by the doctoral committee. The scope of further coursework is determined taking into account the degree programme completed.

(3) Degrees from foreign state or state-recognised higher education institutions shall be recognised, provided that there is no significant difference in terms of the skills acquired to one of the German degrees in accordance with paragraph 1. The Doctoral Committee shall decide on the existence or non-existence of significant differences, taking into account the equivalence agreements approved by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder and the German Rectors' Conference. To this end, the application must submit a statement from the Central Office for Foreign Education.

(4) Applicants who have failed a doctoral examination twice in the field of the doctoral subject will not be admitted to the doctoral examination procedure.

All information on applying for admission to the doctoral programme and the further course of the doctoral procedure can be found at the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanity.