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Public lecture series of the Detmold/Paderborn Musicology Seminar

The third part of the four-semester public lecture series on music and religion in the winter semester 2023/2024 is devoted to global aspects of the interplay between music and religion. The world's religions also have a strong influence on culture in musical terms. Within religions, music is a central medium for the formation of tradition and self-definition, but also for global exchange and understanding. Accordingly, religions form an important starting point for ethnological and cultural studies research on music. These perspectives will be combined in the Detmold lecture series. Seven international experts have been recruited for the public lectures, covering a range from South Africa to South America, Tibet and Iran to the Caribbean, from colonial missionary music to global Christmas pop, from Judaism to the Bon religion, Caribbean ancestor cults, religious rites in Africa to Islam.

All those interested are cordially invited!

Place and time:

Kuppelsaal of the Detmold University of Music
Willi-Hofmann-Straße 5
32756 Detmold

Wednesdays, 6:15-7:45 p.m.


11 October
Barbara Alge (Frankfurt am Main): Musikalische Vermächtnisse kolonialer Begegnungen: Música Sacra aus Minas Gerais
Musical legacies of colonial encounters: Música Sacra from Minas Gerais

25 October
Dizu Mzikantu Plaatjies (Cape Town): Religion and Music in Traditional Societies of Southern Africa

8 November
Babak Nikzat (Graz): Das Musikleben im Iran nach der islamischen Revolution
Musical Life in Iran after the Islamic Revolution

22 November
Andreas Meyer (Essen): Caribbean Spirit(s) – Musik, Heritage und die Geister der Ahnen in Tobago (West Indies)
Caribbean Spirit(s) - Music, Heritage and the Spirits of the Ancestors in Tobago (West Indies)

6 December
Harald Schroeter-Wittke (Paderborn): Zwischen Silent Night und Driving Home for Christmas. Globale Weihnachtspopmusikkultur
Between Silent Night and Driving Home for Christmas. Global Christmas Pop Music Culture

10 January
Christiane Strothmann (Essen): Tibetische Ritualmusik im Kontext des Exil-Klosters „Menri“
Tibetan Ritual Music in the Context of the “Menri” Monastery in Exile

24 January
Sarah Ross (Hanover): Jüdische Musik als Kulturerbe
Jewish music as cultural heritage

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